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JBoss and Exadel: 8 Years of Working Together


Exadel had de­vel­oped two well-re­garded prod­ucts in 2006. Exadel Studio was an Eclipse plug-in that con­verted Eclipse from just an in­te­grated de­vel­op­ment en­vi­ron­ment (IDE) to a pow­er­ful web app IDE. RichFaces was a JavaServer Faces (JSF) com­po­nent li­brary de­vel­oped by Exadel as part of its lead­er­ship role in JSF de­vel­op­ment at the time.

In March 2007, Exadel be­gan a part­ner­ship with Red Hat putting Exadel Studio and RichFaces into open source un­der JBoss. A key part of this part­ner­ship that con­tinues to this day (eight years later) is Red Hat con­tracting with Exadel for Exadel to pro­vide a de­vel­opment team to work on what is now known as JBoss Developer Studio.

Denis Golovin, in our California of­fice, has been the team lead on the Exadel side of the part­ner­ship for this whole time, so we thought we’d ask him a few ques­tions about it.

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Exadel People Publish New RichFaces Book

Max Katz

Ilya Shaikovsky

Two Exadel em­ploy­ees, Max Katz and Ilya Shaikovsky, got to see their book, Practical RichFaces (2nd Edition), pub­lished by Apress last week. This book is per­fect for any­one with a ba­sic knowl­edge of JavaServer Faces who wants to learn how to build AJAX-based ap­pli­ca­tions with RichFaces. The book cov­ers RichFaces 4, which is based on JSF 2. It doesn’t over­whelm you by doc­u­ment­ing every last lit­tle de­tail in RichFaces 4, but still cov­ers every­thing, so that de­vel­op­ers at all lev­els of ex­pe­ri­ence in RichFaces will get a lot out of this book. Read more »

Last RichFaces 4 Webinar Next Week

Our se­ries of we­bi­nars for the new RichFaces 4 wraps up next week on Wednesday, June 15, 11:00am Pacific Time. It’s been great shar­ing our ex­per­tise in this area. We’re happy to have an­other op­por­tu­nity to talk about RichFaces in this up­com­ing we­bi­nar. Read more »

Come See Us at JAX 2011!

The fi­nal agenda for the com­bined JAX 2011 con­fer­ence and JSF Summit (June 20–23 in San Jose, CA) is now on­line. This is the place for in-depth cov­er­age of the im­por­tant top­ics in JSF and also the en­tire Java ecosys­tem. Exadel will be out on the ex­hibit floor on Tuesday and Wednesday to talk to peo­ple, and Exadel’s very own Max Katz will be pre­sent­ing on:
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#2 in Our RichFaces Webinar Series “in the Books”

The sec­ond of our RichFaces 4 se­ries of we­bi­nars is now his­tory. Max Katz re­capped some of the in­tro ma­te­r­ial about RichFaces 4 from the first we­bi­nar and then care­fully an­a­lyzed the is­sues with mi­grat­ing from RichFaces 3 to 4. There is now one more we­bi­nar com­ing up: Read more »

RichFaces 4 Webinar Series Launches

The first of our RichFaces 4 se­ries of we­bi­nars was a great suc­cess as Max Katz guided a full we­bi­nar au­di­ence through what RichFaces 4 has to of­fer. There are two more we­bi­nars com­ing up: Read more »

Repost: Plain JSF/​RichFaces Project on JBoss AS

Recently on Max Katz’s blog:

A reader asked me to pro­vide plain JSF and RichFaces tem­plate to run on JBoss AS. As JBoss AS al­ready comes with JSF li­braries, just delete the two JSF Jars (jsf-api.jar, jsf-impl.jar) and you will be ready to go. Or, fol­low the steps be­low to down­load and im­port the project. Again, this is just plain JSF/​RichFaces project, no Seam, Hibernate, JPA.

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Webinar Coming Up: “AJAX Applications with JSF 2 and the New RichFaces 4”

RichFaces 4 will be of­fi­cially re­leased later this year. Right now, it’s in al­pha.

Want a pre­view of RichFaces be­fore it comes out? Then this we­bi­nar is for you. Read more »

RIA on the Cloud with RichFaces and Ingres

On Amazon EC2, we’ve just pub­lished  an ap­pli­ance called Cloud in a Box that bun­dles a num­ber of open source tech­nolo­gies that, to­gether, cre­ate an end-to-end so­lu­tion for build­ing rich Internet ap­pli­ca­tions (RIAs) on the Cloud. Read more »

Exadel and Ingres Will “Look at Life in the Clouds”

Ingres will be presenting at JBoss World / Red Hat Summit on the role of open source in social networking and cloud computing. Exadel will be co-presenting with Ingres for the cloud computing presentation at JBoss World. Fima Katz (Exadel) and Steve Shine (Ingres) will look at how Open Source and the Cloud, particularly the Ingres Development Stack for JBoss (Ingres, JBoss, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux), can be used to write Java applications with significantly lower deployment costs.

"Building Java Applications in the Cloud"
Thursday, September 3 at 2:40 p.m.

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Exadel @ JBoss World /​ Red Hat Summit 2009

Come see us in booth 211 [map] at the 2009 JBoss World /​ Red Hat Summit start­ing to­mor­row (9/​1). We’ll be show­cas­ing new de­vel­op­ments in our Flamingo and JavaFX Studio projects, but we will also be talk­ing about all of our prod­uct and ser­vice of­fer­ings. Also, Max Katz (along with Jay Balunas of JBoss) will be pre­sent­ing a con­fer­ence ses­sion on Thursday (5pm) ti­tled Building Rich Internet Applications with RichFaces. Finally, we’ll have some ex­tra printed DZone Refcardz for JBoss RichFaces avail­able at our booth. See you there!

Booth 211, Partner Pavilion, JBoss World Sept. 1–3, 2009