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3 Enterprise Mobility Concerns: Timing, Integration, Security

As a re­sult of con­ver­sa­tions with our cus­tomers, we can tell that the biggest is­sues in en­ter­prise mo­bil­ity are:

  • Time-to-mar­ket
  • Back-end in­te­gra­tion
  • Security of mo­bile apps Read more »

Our Approach to Security in the Enterprise


Security is an ab­solute ne­ces­sity in en­ter­prise busi­ness so­lu­tions, but it also in­volves a del­i­cate bal­anc­ing act. Enterprise data and processes must be pro­tected, but of­ten this has to hap­pen within an open Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) en­vi­ron­ment while still main­tain­ing flex­i­bil­ity for users through fea­tures like Single Sign-On (SSO). And, of course, all of this has to hap­pen in the most cost-ef­fec­tive man­ner pos­si­ble. Read more »

Come to the AT&T DevLab Workshop

We’ve been to a lot of AT&T hackathons and have been very im­pressed with these events. Now, AT&T is putting on a new event here in the San Francisco Bay Area called DevLab, a one-day hands-on pro­gram­ming work­shop to im­merse par­tic­i­pants in the lat­est ser­vices and tools for mo­bile app de­vel­op­ment. It will be held on September 25th at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. (You can use the code MUSEUM to waive the reg­is­tra­tion charge.) Read more »

Exadel Interviewed on Fox News about Tiggzi!

Exadel’s David Schoenbach was in­ter­viewed to­day on Fox News about Tiggzi, our mo­bile app de­vel­op­ment plat­form. Here’s the clip for that news seg­ment:–25-2012/?playlist_id=87237

David’s in­ter­view is at the be­gin­ning (about 6–7 min­utes).

Updated: 11:20pm PT, 7/​26/​2012

Exadel VP Consults Magic 8 Ball about Coming Amazon Phone

Image from David Schoenbach guest post in Venture Beat
OK. Exadel’s VP for Product Management, David Schoenbach, prob­a­bly didn’t use a magic 8 ball to fig­ure out the im­pact of the Amazon Phone. Even with­out any magic aids, David does make quite a cred­i­ble ef­fort, though, to di­vine the mo­bile fu­ture in a Venture Beat guest post that came out to­day. It starts out like this:

For all we do not know about the new Amazon phone, we do know one thing for sure: It’s from Amazon. Based on the company’s track record, we can make some ed­u­cated guesses about what’s in store and how Amazon’s ru­mored smart­phone may im­pact app de­vel­op­ment.

Read the com­plete ar­ti­cle on Venture Beat.

Mashable Publishes API Article from Exadel VP

Mashable Logo
Mashable just pub­lished an ar­ti­cle on “How Web APIs Unlock Value in the Cloud” by Exadel’s VP of Product Management, David Schoenbach. In this ar­ti­cle, David cov­ers a lot of ex­am­ples of the spread of web APIs and the im­pli­ca­tions of this spread (in­clud­ing an­swer­ing the all-im­por­tant ques­tion “What’s my mo­bile strat­egy?”). Here’s the lead para­graph from the ar­ti­cle:

The cloud is where it’s at. It’s where busi­ness data re­sides. It’s where so­cial user-gen­er­ated con­tent sits, where for­ward-think­ing cre­ators place their tools. Unfortunately, the cloud is also the place all that good stuff stays, un­used and unloved. That is, un­less you of­fer smart ways to ac­cess it. That is where a web API comes in. 

Read the com­plete ar­ti­cle.

Webinar Coming Up: “AJAX Applications with JSF 2 and the New RichFaces 4”

RichFaces 4 will be of­fi­cially re­leased later this year. Right now, it’s in al­pha.

Want a pre­view of RichFaces be­fore it comes out? Then this we­bi­nar is for you. Read more »

Open Source Meets Mobile

There’s still time to sign up for a we­bi­nar we’ll be giv­ing next week to ex­plain and demon­strate how we use Exadel Flamingo for mo­bile com­merce.

Register Now! Read more »

See Slides of Our Mobile Commerce iPhone Client

We’ve re­cently posted a slide show for demon­strat­ing the fea­tures of the iPhone client that works with our Exadel M-Commerce Solution, our great pack­age based on Exadel Flamingo for “mo­bi­liz­ing” ex­ist­ing e-com­merce func­tion­al­ity. It should help you get a much bet­ter idea of the iPhone client’s ca­pa­bil­i­ties with­out hav­ing to down­load an ac­tual app. Just go here and log in:


(If you haven’t reg­is­tered yet, it’s easy — only 4 items to fill in.)

Updated Demo Android M-Commerce App

We first dis­cussed our free down­load­able Android app hooked to our demo m-com­merce site in Check Out Our New Android M-Commerce Client. We’ve re­cently set up a new demo site and have up­graded the app to point to the new site. The in­struc­tions re­main the same. These are the new lo­gin cre­den­tials: Read more »

Sign Up for Online Demos

In pro­mot­ing our so­lu­tions and ser­vices, we of­fer po­ten­tial cus­tomers the op­por­tu­nity to sign up on our Web site for per­sonal on­line demos pro­vided by our staff.

We cur­rently of­fer demos for (JBoss) RichFaces and the Exadel M-Commerce Solution. We in­vented and con­tinue to de­velop RichFaces, so we are ex­perts in RichFaces. The Exadel M-Commerce Solution is a new prod­uct that we’re ex­cited about. It lever­ages Exadel Flamingo and our ex­per­tise in mo­bile com­merce from ser­vice en­gage­ments.

The ac­tual process for set­ting up a demo like this is pretty straight­for­ward. Read more »

Check Out Our New Android M-Commerce Client

Back in December, Andrew Komolov posted Flamingo for Android about a new ver­sion of Flamingo with sup­port for mo­bile clients in­clud­ing Android. To give peo­ple a chance to get up-close with the ex­cit­ing new func­tion­al­ity of m-com­merce, we’ve set up a demo site with a lim­ited shop­ping cart and cat­a­log and made avail­able a down­load­able Android client con­nected to the demo e-com­merce site. Here’s what you would need to do with your Android phone to try it: Read more »

Ingres Highlights Role in Exadel Cloud in a Box

A few blog en­tries back, Exadel launched its Cloud in a Box prod­uct hosted on Amazon EC2. We are quite proud of this end-​​​to-​​​end so­lu­tion for build­ing Rich Internet ap­pli­ca­tions on the Amazon Cloud (or for down­load­ing and build­ing RIAs on a dif­fer­ent host). To pro­vide this, Cloud in a Box stacks to­gether a num­ber of open source tech­nolo­gies. And, one of the key tech­nolo­gies is Ingres Database. Read more »

JSFdays2010 Coming Up Soon

Exadel’s Max Katz will be very busy at the up­com­ing JSFdays2010 /​ eJUG­days2010 con­fer­ence in Vienna, Austria. This is an an­nual in­ter­na­tional con­fer­ence cov­er­ing JavaServer Faces (JSF) and re­lated tech­nolo­gies. This year it runs from February 23 to February 25 in the city that pro­vided the back­drop for The Third Man.

Max will be work­ing ses­sions all three days. Here’s a ta­ble with the de­tails: Read more »

Flamingo for Android

Finally, a Flamingo build with Android sup­port is out!

Flamingo aims to lever­age server-side code when de­vel­op­ing apps for new me­dia plat­forms. In this (Flamingo 2.1) re­lease, the fol­low­ing fea­tures for Android have been im­ple­mented: Read more »

JavaFX Coding Challenge Winner Endorses Exadel Flamingo

Tuesday, December 15, was the third Tuesday in December. That means it was time for the monthly gath­er­ing of Chicago Java Users Group (JUG) mem­bers. Last Tuesday, the spot­light was on Sten Anderson. Read more »

CityTech Embraces Exadel Flamingo

Yesterday, Sten Anderson from CityTech (IT con­sul­tants) made a pre­sen­ta­tion on JavaFX tech­nol­ogy at the Chicago Java Users Group. At this event, he men­tioned our free, open source Exadel Flamingo as a good li­brary for work­ing with JavaFX. Read more »

RIA on the Cloud with RichFaces and Ingres

On Amazon EC2, we’ve just pub­lished  an ap­pli­ance called Cloud in a Box that bun­dles a num­ber of open source tech­nolo­gies that, to­gether, cre­ate an end-to-end so­lu­tion for build­ing rich Internet ap­pli­ca­tions (RIAs) on the Cloud. Read more »

Exadel Flamingo versus REST

I don’t think it’s fair to com­pare Exadel Flamingo to REST (REpresentational State Transfer). However, this ques­tion does sur­face once in a while, so I’ve de­cided to spell out the dif­fer­ences in a ta­ble. Read more »

More on the Exadel JavaFX Studio 1.1.1 Release

Exadel has re­leased ver­sion 1.1.1 of JavaFX Studio, an Eclipse plug-in, as part of Exadel’s com­mit­ment to sim­plify de­vel­op­ment in JavaFX.

It can be down­loaded here. Read more »

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