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Making Sense of 2 IoT Protocols: MQTT and CoAP

Exadel’s VP of Software Development, Jonathan Fries, has shared an­other thought­ful piece on the Internet of Things, this time fo­cus­ing on two tech­nolo­gies that stand out for IoT de­vice com­mu­ni­ca­tions: MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) and CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol). There’s no al­ways right an­swer for which to use, but Jonathan gives some guid­ance on how to de­cide based on the situation—after ex­plain­ing each of the pro­to­cols. He also makes some pre­dic­tions about the fu­ture for these pro­to­cols.

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How to Be an Internet of Things (IoT) Developer in the Modern Age

Graphic representation of world covered with Internet of Things (Iot) connections

The pro­lif­er­a­tion of con­nected de­vices over the past sev­eral years has been as­ton­ish­ing. From every­day items like wear­ables and ther­mostats to more am­bi­tious de­vices like so­lar pan­els and street lights, it seems as if there are few things that are not con­nected in some way. As we look to­ward the fu­ture to fully con­nected cities, hos­pi­tals, and homes, the role of the IoT de­vel­oper is be­com­ing ever more cru­cial.

Software de­vel­op­ment is of grow­ing im­por­tance in all kinds of in­dus­tries, but ar­guably none is more im­por­tant than de­vel­op­ing for and with con­nected de­vices. If your Fitbit glitches, that is one story, but it is an en­tirely dif­fer­ent one if a con­nected med­ical de­vice fails in the mid­dle of surgery or a self-dri­ving car goes hay­wire in the mid­dle of rush hour. Because of the crit­i­cal role that IoT de­vices are play­ing in our lives, poorly de­vel­oped IoT de­vices can be life threat­en­ing, mak­ing this type of de­vel­op­ment par­tic­u­larly unique.

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Lisa Calkins on “Introverts Can Be Leaders, Too”

Our Chief Strategy Officer, Lisa Calkins, will be speak­ing at DeveloperWeek 2017 in San Francisco on how man­agers can ben­e­fit from the crit­i­cal per­spec­tive of de­vel­op­ers on the fea­si­bil­ity and re­quire­ments of soft­ware projects, how­ever neg­a­tive this per­spec­tive might come across at times.

Who: Lisa Calkins, CSO, Exadel
What: Introverts Can Be Leaders, Too
When: Wednesday, Feb. 15, 3 pm PST
Where: DeveloperWeek Main Stage

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JBoss and Exadel: 8 Years of Working Together


Exadel had de­vel­oped two well-re­garded prod­ucts in 2006. Exadel Studio was an Eclipse plug-in that con­verted Eclipse from just an in­te­grated de­vel­op­ment en­vi­ron­ment (IDE) to a pow­er­ful web app IDE. RichFaces was a JavaServer Faces (JSF) com­po­nent li­brary de­vel­oped by Exadel as part of its lead­er­ship role in JSF de­vel­op­ment at the time.

In March 2007, Exadel be­gan a part­ner­ship with Red Hat putting Exadel Studio and RichFaces into open source un­der JBoss. A key part of this part­ner­ship that con­tinues to this day (eight years later) is Red Hat con­tracting with Exadel for Exadel to pro­vide a de­vel­opment team to work on what is now known as JBoss Developer Studio.

Denis Golovin, in our California of­fice, has been the team lead on the Exadel side of the part­ner­ship for this whole time, so we thought we’d ask him a few ques­tions about it.

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Update on Our Lithuanian Presence

View of Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius, Lithuania: old world charm, new world dy­namism

Lithuania is where our CEO and Founder, Fima Katz, grew up. In the sum­mer of 2014, he had a home­com­ing of sorts when he opened an of­fice in the cap­i­tal city, Vilnius.

For Exadel, Lithuania has the ad­van­tage of be­ing in Eastern Europe close to our other de­vel­op­ment cen­ters while also be­ing in­te­grated with Western Europe by its mem­ber­ship in the European Union and NATO. It’s also a very nice place to live and work.

In December 2014, we an­nounced fur­ther ex­pan­sion plans that in­clude open­ing ad­di­tional of­fices in Kaunas and Klaipeda. So far this year, we have more than 30 em­ploy­ees in Vilnius and five in Klaipeda. Soon, we’ll be open­ing our Kaunas of­fice! We look for­ward to fur­ther growth in all three de­vel­op­ment cen­ters.

Read our an­nounce­ment as re­ported in Invest Lithuania.

Contact the Vilnius of­fice di­rectly.

A Simple HTML5 Drag-and-Drop Example

In this ar­ti­cle, we’ll learn how to im­ple­ment a very sim­ple ex­am­ple of an HTML5 drag-and-drop in ac­tion. We’ll de­fine a drag­gable im­age that can be dropped into a cir­cle. You’ll see this ex­am­ple and say “That’s so easy!”. But don’t rush to any con­clu­sions. In more com­plex use cases, it’s not such a piece of cake any­more and can be­come a real pain in the neck! Read more »

Tiggr Moves to the Amazon EC2 Cloud

Tiggr logo in a cloud

Tiggr is an on­line tool for pro­duc­ing in­ter­ac­tive pro­to­types of Web and mo­bile ap­pli­ca­tions. The hard work of Exadel’s Tiggr de­vel­op­ment team has paid off in a rapid growth of the user base for Tiggr. As part of this suc­cess for Tiggr, we’ve taken a big step to put it on a more se­cure, re­li­able, and scal­able foot­ing. That step is to start host­ing Tiggr on Amazon EC2. Congratulations to the Tiggr team on mov­ing to the Cloud!

Working with iOS and SOAP

At Exadel we have a lot of ex­pe­ri­ence with mo­bile de­vel­op­ment. One thing that comes up in our work in this area is the oc­ca­sional ne­ces­sity to com­mu­ni­cate with ser­vices us­ing SOAP. To do this, we need to gen­er­ate Objective-C source code from a WSDL doc­u­ment. In this ar­ti­cle, I’ll de­scribe some util­i­ties for this and then how to re­solve some is­sues that come up in us­ing these code gen­er­a­tors. Read more »