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Lisa Calkins on “Introverts Can Be Leaders, Too”

Our Chief Strategy Officer, Lisa Calkins, will be speak­ing at DeveloperWeek 2017 in San Francisco on how man­agers can ben­e­fit from the crit­i­cal per­spec­tive of de­vel­op­ers on the fea­si­bil­ity and re­quire­ments of soft­ware projects, how­ever neg­a­tive this per­spec­tive might come across at times.

Who: Lisa Calkins, CSO, Exadel
What: Introverts Can Be Leaders, Too
When: Wednesday, Feb. 15, 3 pm PST
Where: DeveloperWeek Main Stage

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[BE] Enterprise Mobility Forum … with a Side of Brisket

2015-10-19 20.03.51 (Mobile)

Niki Scherer and Max Katz from Exadel’s sub­sidiary, Appery, were down in Austin, TX last week to par­tic­i­pate in the [BE] Enterprise Mobility Forum /​ Fall 2015. Along with ex­plain­ing how Appery​.io can help busi­nesses with their mo­bi­liza­tion ef­forts and dis­cussing ideas about the gen­eral state of en­ter­prise mo­bi­liza­tion, they also got a chance to dig into some of the lo­cal bar­be­cue. Niki is off to an­other city now spread­ing the word about Appery​.io, but she had enough time to share a few words about the fo­rum:

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JBoss and Exadel: 8 Years of Working Together


Exadel had de­vel­oped two well-re­garded prod­ucts in 2006. Exadel Studio was an Eclipse plug-in that con­verted Eclipse from just an in­te­grated de­vel­op­ment en­vi­ron­ment (IDE) to a pow­er­ful web app IDE. RichFaces was a JavaServer Faces (JSF) com­po­nent li­brary de­vel­oped by Exadel as part of its lead­er­ship role in JSF de­vel­op­ment at the time.

In March 2007, Exadel be­gan a part­ner­ship with Red Hat putting Exadel Studio and RichFaces into open source un­der JBoss. A key part of this part­ner­ship that con­tinues to this day (eight years later) is Red Hat con­tracting with Exadel for Exadel to pro­vide a de­vel­opment team to work on what is now known as JBoss Developer Studio.

Denis Golovin, in our California of­fice, has been the team lead on the Exadel side of the part­ner­ship for this whole time, so we thought we’d ask him a few ques­tions about it.

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Exadel at the [BE] Midmarket CIO Forum in Florida

BE Midmarket CIO Forum logo

Exadel’s Lev Shur and Appery’s Niki Scherer and Max Katz rep­re­sented us at the Spring 2015 (April 19–21) [BE] Midmarket CIO Forum to talk about how Exadel and Appery​.io can help busi­nesses with their en­ter­prise mo­bil­ity am­bi­tions. Here’s a a brief re­port from Niki Scherer about her ex­pe­ri­ences there:

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Mobile Field Service Apps Webinar Recordings Up!

“Mobile Field Service Apps: CRM, Workflow, Coverage Policies, and More in Your Pocket” is quite a mouth­ful for our we­bi­nar se­ries, but it does cover a lot. All are record­ings from the se­ries are now avail­able on­line:

  1. Mobile Field Service Apps: More than CRM on an iPhone
  2. Building Custom Field Service Mobile Apps that Drive Revenue
  3. Enabling the Mobile Financial Advisor

Learn about Enterprise Mobility from Exadel & Verivo

The en­ter­prise is go­ing mo­bile more and more. The dif­fer­ence is in how quick and trou­ble-free the tran­si­tion can be fore your par­tic­u­lar busi­ness.

Verivo and Exadel have been part­ner­ing to­gether to make seam­less en­ter­prise mo­bil­ity hap­pen for a va­ri­ety of en­ter­prise cus­tomers. Now we feel it’s time to share our ex­pe­ri­ences. We wanted to present a we­bi­nar to­gether to help oth­ers see the ben­e­fits of en­ter­prise mo­bil­ity along with some lessons learned along the way, but we also wanted to make the in­for­ma­tion more di­gestible. So, we de­cided to break up the ma­te­rial into three brief 30-min­ute we­bi­nars.  The se­ries starts off April 1, then con­tin­ues on April 7 and April 14, all at 11am Pacific time. Here’s our line-up so far:

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Exadel Announces Appery​.io/​H​e​r​oku Parternship


We’re at the MobileCon con­fer­ence this week. Tomorrow, Exadel VP Francisco Kattan is pre­sent­ing there. Today, we made two key an­nounce­ments at the show. Read more »

2013 Has Been a Great Year So Far


Sometimes it’s good to stop for a sec­ond and take stock. At Exadel we did this re­cently and an­nounced the re­sults in this press re­lease. The high­lights are that the rev­enue for the first half of 2013 is 22% over the rev­enue for the first half of 2012 and that we’ve rolled out 4 prod­ucts in the mo­bile and se­cu­rity ar­eas:

We can’t wait to see how the sec­ond half of 2013 stacks up!


3 Enterprise Mobility Concerns: Timing, Integration, Security

As a re­sult of con­ver­sa­tions with our cus­tomers, we can tell that the biggest is­sues in en­ter­prise mo­bil­ity are:

  • Time-to-mar­ket
  • Back-end in­te­gra­tion
  • Security of mo­bile apps Read more »

Exadel Secure Documents


Exadel works on a lot of dif­fer­ent projects, so we are of­ten able to reuse cod­ing and ap­proach to solve sim­i­lar prob­lems. We of­ten call these quasi-prod­ucts “so­lu­tions”: not quite off-the-shelf, but much fur­ther along than start­ing from scratch. Taking ad­van­tage of such a so­lu­tion still re­quires a project en­gage­ment with us, but the cost and time-to-mar­ket is much lower.

One such so­lu­tion is Exadel Secure Documents. The prob­lem solved is how to make doc­u­ments that may be con­tained in many dif­fer­ent Enterprise Document Management Systems avail­able out­side the en­ter­prise in a se­cure, uni­fied way. Once set up, the doc­u­ments can then be ac­cessed through Secure Documents ap­pli­ca­tions on dif­fer­ent client de­vices. Read more »

White Label Tiggzi: Tiggzi Under the Hood

We’ve re­ceived many re­quests for white la­bel­ing our Tiggzi mo­bile app de­vel­op­ment and sup­port plat­form. Many or­ga­ni­za­tions are in­ter­ested in us­ing Tiggzi as an un­der­ly­ing en­gine, un­der their brand, for build­ing their own de­vel­oper com­mu­nity. We’re able to work out any cus­tomiza­tion for how this can work in terms of process or pric­ing, so just e-mail us di­rectly to find out more.

Will M-Commerce Affect Traditional Retail?

This en­try is part 8 of 8 in the se­ries Thoughts on M-Comm

M-com­merce has strong fea­tures that can af­fect the way we look at tra­di­tional re­tail. Here are a few:

  1. Electronic coupons
  2. Customized pro­mo­tions
  3. In-store re­search
  4. In-store pro­duct lo­ca­tion
  5. Payment

Let’s look in more de­tail at how these fea­tures can change re­tail to­day and how com­pa­nies can adapt to them. Read more »

Personal Predictions for M-Commerce

This en­try is part 7 of 8 in the se­ries Thoughts on M-Comm

This is a list of my per­sonal pre­dic­tions for mo­bile com­merce based solely on my re­search on the Internet, con­sumer ex­pe­ri­ence, and my gut feel­ing.

  1. In 10 years, mo­bile will over­come PC ad­ver­tis­ing.
  2. Android will be the most im­por­tant plat­form.
  3. Payments us­ing mo­bile will be com­mon in the US.
  4. Mobile will be the new play­ground for hack­ers.
  5. Smartphones will cost less than US$60.
  6. Tablets will not take off. Read more »

Direct Sales and M-Commerce–A Perfect Mix

This en­try is part 6 of 8 in the se­ries Thoughts on M-Comm

Direct sales and m-com­merce com­ple­ment each other in a va­ri­ety of ways. The biggest dif­fi­culty for the sales per­son in­volved in di­rect sales is ob­tain­ing in­for­ma­tion that can help ne­go­ti­ate deals. Additionally, the sales per­son needs in­for­ma­tion that al­lows them to im­prove net­work­ing, cus­tomize re­la­tion­ships with cus­tomers and the com­pany,  and keep up with the company’s new pro­mo­tions and prod­ucts. M-com­merce tools can over­come these dif­fi­cul­ties. Here’s how. Read more »

M-Commerce and the Anatomy of the Sale–An Introduction

I’m pleased to have joined the ranks at Exadel as a busi­ness con­sul­tant fo­cused on m-com­merce. In my twenty or so years in the IT in­dus­try (you don’t re­ally need to know how many), I’ve been lucky enough to keep a fo­cus on trans­ac­tion pro­cess­ing and elec­tronic com­merce. I’ve been able to bear wit­ness to the mas­sive change that each new wave of tech­nol­ogy has on the way busi­ness is con­ducted. After many years in mar­ket re­search though, I’m pre-con­di­tioned to be a skep­tic, and I know I’m not alone in this per­son­al­ity quirk. Time and time again, I hear com­plaints about the “hype” as each new wave emerges. (OK, to be fair, much of that is from me talk­ing to my­self.) Read more »

Will M-Commerce Revolutionize Our Lives?

This en­try is part 5 of 8 in the se­ries Thoughts on M-Comm

The sort of dis­cus­sion go­ing on with m-com­merce to­day sounds a lot like what hap­pened in the be­gin­ning with e-com­merce and even with Second Life. In the be­gin­ning of e-com­merce, every­body be­lieved that tra­di­tional re­tail and con­sumer pur­chas­ing be­hav­ior would change com­pletely to adapt to the new trends. In fact, this didn’t hap­pen for most prod­ucts and con­sumers.

However, m-com­merce is much more likely to rad­i­cally change how peo­ple go about their lives. Here are some rea­sons why. Read more »

4 Paths to Focus on in M-Commerce

This en­try is part 4 of 8 in the se­ries Thoughts on M-Comm

M-com­merce is still in its be­gin­ning stages. Some peo­ple see it as just a fad, while oth­ers see it as the fu­ture of e-com­merce. I’m in the lat­ter group. From study­ing the in­dus­try, I see four main paths to fo­cus on in as­sess­ing the move to B2C m-com­merce.

  1. Products al­ready com­mon in e-com­merce
  2. Niche prod­ucts and speci­fic re­tail ar­eas
  3. Research
  4. Integration

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Is M-Commerce Just an Extension of E-Commerce?

This en­try is part 3 of 8 in the se­ries Thoughts on M-Comm

There is a com­mon at­ti­tude that m-com­merce is just an ex­ten­sion of e-com­merce (e-com­merce in the sense of Web-based com­merce). However, this is wrong. M-com­merce is not an ex­ten­sion of e-com­merce in the same way that DVR is not an ex­ten­sion of the DVD. In both cases, you can find some sim­i­lar­i­ties, but there are greater dif­fer­ences that make these two sep­a­rate mar­kets. Here are a few fac­tors that make m-com­merce more than just an ex­ten­sion of e-com­merce. Read more »

The MUST HAVE List of Features for B2B M-Commerce

This en­try is part 2 of 8 in the se­ries Thoughts on M-Comm

This ar­ti­cle lists the “must have” ex­tra fea­tures for a suc­cess­ful B2B m-com­merce ap­pli­ca­tion. Read more »

Using the Power of Influence in M-Commerce

This en­try is part 1 of 8 in the se­ries Thoughts on M-Comm

Everyone is af­fected by in­flu­ence. We use in­flu­ence tech­niques in our every­day lives and don’t even no­tice. In or­der to be ef­fec­tive in the mar­ket to­day, you have to un­der­stand how in­flu­ence dri­ves con­sumer be­hav­ior in or­der to at­tract not just con­sumers, but loyal con­sumers.

In this ar­ti­cle, we’ll rely on the well-known book, Influence (by Robert B. Cialdini), for its model of speci­fic in­flu­ences. For each in­flu­ence tech­nique, we’ll talk about how it can af­fect con­sumer be­hav­ior in an m-com­merce con­text.

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