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Exadel Style Sheet

I’ve added a page be­hind the More… page as a con­tent style guide (cap­i­tal­iza­tion, etc.) for our com­pany name, prod­uct names, and some of our more pub­lic peo­ple.

Old Blog Articles

From 2005 to 2006, Ex­adel had a blog un­der the same do­main name as this blog. We thought much of the ma­te­rial on it was dated, so we didn’t try to re­cover. How­ever, we still get oc­ca­sional traf­fic to the old page links.

In look­ing for a way to help peo­ple find the old ar­ti­cles, the idea of the In­ternet Archive’s Way­back Machine came up. It main­tains a good ver­sion of our old blog from 2007. Some of the links within ar­ti­cles are bro­ken, but the links to the ar­ti­cles work.

So, we’ve made a page on our blog called Material from Older Blog. Old-style URLs get redi­rected to this page. On this page, we list some di­rect links to the Internet Archive for the most re­quested old ar­ti­cles.

We’ll see if this is suf­fi­ciently help­ful for peo­ple try­ing to ac­cess old ar­ti­cles. If not, we’ll move on to Plan B.