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Exadel Minsk Office Photos on Facebook

Our largest off­shore de­vel­op­ment cen­ter is in Minsk, the cap­i­tal of Belarus (be­tween Poland and Russia). Recently, some of our co-work­ers there posted some pho­tos of their of­fice on our com­pany Facebook page. Take a look.

Ingres Highlights Role in Exadel Cloud in a Box

A few blog en­tries back, Exadel launched its Cloud in a Box prod­uct hosted on Amazon EC2. We are quite proud of this end-​​​to-​​​end so­lu­tion for build­ing Rich Internet ap­pli­ca­tions on the Amazon Cloud (or for down­load­ing and build­ing RIAs on a dif­fer­ent host). To pro­vide this, Cloud in a Box stacks to­gether a num­ber of open source tech­nolo­gies. And, one of the key tech­nolo­gies is Ingres Database. Read more »

CityTech Embraces Exadel Flamingo

Yesterday, Sten Anderson from CityTech (IT con­sul­tants) made a pre­sen­ta­tion on JavaFX tech­nol­ogy at the Chicago Java Users Group. At this event, he men­tioned our free, open source Exadel Flamingo as a good li­brary for work­ing with JavaFX. Read more »

Two Business Cases for the Cloud

Recently, we’ve helped two of our clients with ad­vice and guid­ance on cloud tech­nol­ogy. Curiously enough, Amazon Cloud came to the res­cue in both cases even though the two sit­u­a­tions had noth­ing in com­mon.
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Exadel @ JBoss World /​ Red Hat Summit 2009

Come see us in booth 211 [map] at the 2009 JBoss World /​ Red Hat Summit start­ing to­mor­row (9/​1). We’ll be show­cas­ing new de­vel­op­ments in our Flamingo and JavaFX Studio projects, but we will also be talk­ing about all of our prod­uct and ser­vice of­fer­ings. Also, Max Katz (along with Jay Balunas of JBoss) will be pre­sent­ing a con­fer­ence ses­sion on Thursday (5pm) ti­tled Building Rich Internet Applications with RichFaces. Finally, we’ll have some ex­tra printed DZone Refcardz for JBoss RichFaces avail­able at our booth. See you there!

Booth 211, Partner Pavilion, JBoss World Sept. 1–3, 2009

Code Auditing via Continuous Integration: Components

This en­try is part 2 of 2 in the se­ries Code Auditing via Continuous Integration

To con­tinue the dis­cus­sion about “Code Auditing via Continuous Integration” from my last en­try, here are a few use­ful tips about each of the com­po­nents for CI.
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Webinar on Integration Case Study Coming Up 9/​2

Exadel and Elastic Path logosOracle logo

A panel of one rep­re­sen­ta­tive from each of the com­pa­nies above will be talk­ing about a re­cent com­plex in­te­gra­tion project:

  • Sachin Agarwal, Director of Product Management, Oracle
  • Max Katz, Senior Systems Engineer, Exadel
  • Peter Sheldon, Product Manager, Elastic Path Software

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