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Flamingo for Android

Finally, a Flamingo build with Android sup­port is out!

Flamingo aims to lever­age server-side code when de­vel­op­ing apps for new me­dia plat­forms. In this (Flamingo 2.1) re­lease, the fol­low­ing fea­tures for Android have been im­ple­mented: Read more »

RIA on the Cloud with RichFaces and Ingres

On Amazon EC2, we’ve just pub­lished  an ap­pli­ance called Cloud in a Box that bun­dles a num­ber of open source tech­nolo­gies that, to­gether, cre­ate an end-to-end so­lu­tion for build­ing rich Internet ap­pli­ca­tions (RIAs) on the Cloud. Read more »

Exadel Flamingo versus REST

I don’t think it’s fair to com­pare Exadel Flamingo to REST (REpresentational State Transfer). However, this ques­tion does sur­face once in a while, so I’ve de­cided to spell out the dif­fer­ences in a ta­ble. Read more »

More on the Exadel JavaFX Studio 1.1.1 Release

Exadel has re­leased ver­sion 1.1.1 of JavaFX Studio, an Eclipse plug-in, as part of Exadel’s com­mit­ment to sim­plify de­vel­op­ment in JavaFX.

It can be down­loaded here. Read more »

Flamingo Is Going Mobile

Exadel is about to re­lease a new Exadel Flamingo 2.1.0 re­lease, aka “Flamingo for Mobile.” We’ve added Android and J2ME sup­port in ad­di­tion to JavaFX and Flex con­nec­tors. We’ve also added a long-awaited push fea­ture us­ing Hessian for Flex/​AIR. Read more »

Two Business Cases for the Cloud

Recently, we’ve helped two of our clients with ad­vice and guid­ance on cloud tech­nol­ogy. Curiously enough, Amazon Cloud came to the res­cue in both cases even though the two sit­u­a­tions had noth­ing in com­mon.
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JavaFX Messaging for Exadel Flamingo

To some, RIA (Rich Internet Applications) is a myth, a tale of the past. People still have a hard time defin­ing what it means ex­actly. What is true, though, is that an ex­plo­sive growth in client-side pre­sen­ta­tion tech­nolo­gies (Flash/​Flex, Silverlight, JavaFX) brought to life a new user ex­pe­ri­ence on a wide va­ri­ety of com­put­ing de­vices.
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Code Auditing via Continuous Integration: Components

This en­try is part 2 of 2 in the se­ries Code Auditing via Continuous Integration

To con­tinue the dis­cus­sion about “Code Auditing via Continuous Integration” from my last en­try, here are a few use­ful tips about each of the com­po­nents for CI.
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Code Auditing via Continuous Integration: Overview

This en­try is part 1 of 2 in the se­ries Code Auditing via Continuous Integration

This is a se­ries of post­ings on Continuous Integration (CI). However, I don’t in­tend to re­peat or rephrase Martin Fowler’s ex­cel­lent gen­eral ex­pla­na­tion of CI. Instead, I do want to re­flect on the spe­cific ex­pe­ri­ence with CI we have had at Exadel and to high­light a few im­por­tant ideas that might get lost be­hind all of the im­ple­men­ta­tion de­tails.

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