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RIA on the Cloud with RichFaces and Ingres

On Amazon EC2, we’ve just pub­lished  an ap­pli­ance called Cloud in a Box that bun­dles a number of open source tech­nolo­gies that, to­gether, create an end-​​to-​​end so­lu­tion for building rich Internet ap­pli­ca­tions (RIAs) on the Cloud. Read more »

JavaFX Messaging for Exadel Flamingo

To some, RIA (Rich Internet Applications) is a myth, a tale of the past. People still have a hard time defining what it means ex­actly. What is true, though, is that an ex­plo­sive growth in client-​​side pre­sen­ta­tion tech­nolo­gies (Flash/​Flex, Silverlight, JavaFX) brought to life a new user ex­pe­ri­ence on a wide va­riety of com­puting de­vices.
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