Webinar on Using the Appery.io Mobile Pack and Salesforce Coming Soon

Appery.io Now Powered by Salesforce

In this upcoming webinar, Dave Carroll (Director of Developer Evangelism, Salesforce.com) and Max Katz (Head of Appery.io Developer Relations, Exadel) will explain how the Appery.io Mobile Pack enables you to rapidly create mobile apps integrated with the Salesforce Platform and will show you how you can build your own apps to take advantage of the mobile pack.

Rapid Mobile App Development
Using the Appery.io Mobile Pack and Salesforce.com

Tuesday, September 10, 11:00AM Pacific Time
Register now!

Exadel in the News: LOB Mobile Development

We were delighted to be mentioned prominently in this article about shifts in the control of enterprise mobile development:

Mobile Management Spurs Power Shift in the Enterprise – CIO.com

As discussed in the article, Salesforce is using Exadel’s Appery.io as part of a drive for promoting mobile development outside of IT in the line-of-business (LOB) units themselves. We’re quite proud to be part of this strategy; however, we look at this — not so much as an “overthrow” of a particular department — but simply as enabling more options inside enterprises for mobile development. In choosing among these options, different enterprises will require different mixes of IT vs. LOB ownership and of outsourced vs. in-house work based on company resources, organizational culture, business objectives, etc.

Because of our breadth of experience in mobile development, in particular, and enterprise development, in general, we can provide a full spectrum of services starting at the highest level with mobile strategy development. Depending on the mobile strategy for your company, we can do anything from Appery.io training for LOB units to large projects under the direction of IT. (Or, you can just use Appery.io for mobile development within an LOB unit.)

Find out more about our Appery.io-related services and our more general mobile services.

Exadel Just Got a Mobile Merit Award for Appery.io


We won! Mobile Merit Awards recognizes excellence achieved in the global mobile industry each year. This year Exadel was recognized as the winner in the Mobile Services/Enterprise Product or Service category for our Appery.io mobile app platform.

For a while, we’ve noted the growing gap as the demand for mobile innovation in the enterprise outstrips the capabilities and capacity of IT organizations. Our Appery.io mobile app platform is just one example of how we are closing this gap. We also offer services to help organizations use Appery.io and, of course, a full gamut of enterprise software development services in addition to Appery.io-specific services.

Congratulation to our hard-working global product development team!

3 Enterprise Mobility Concerns: Timing, Integration, Security

As a result of conversations with our customers, we can tell that the biggest issues in enterprise mobility are:

  • Time-to-market
  • Back-end integration
  • Security of mobile apps Read more »

Exadel Enterprise MobileSafe

As pointed out before in our article on Exadel Secure Documents, Exadel offers a variety of “solutions” that aren’t quite shrink-wrapped products, but provide a lot of the benefits of a product. Exadel Enterprise MobileSafe is a software solution from Exadel that solves the general problem of enterprises allowing mobile access to their data while maintaining maximum security. The solution takes advantage of the flexibility and cross-platform nature of HTML5 or hybrid web apps (Cordova/PhoneGap) to provide secure access on a variety of different mobile platforms at a lower cost. With MobileSafe, Exadel sets it up so the accessing apps are downloaded from your secure server into an encrypted (AES-256) cache on the client devices for full security. Read more »

Exadel Secure Documents


Exadel works on a lot of different projects, so we are often able to reuse coding and approach to solve similar problems. We often call these quasi-products “solutions”: not quite off-the-shelf, but much further along than starting from scratch. Taking advantage of such a solution still requires a project engagement with us, but the cost and time-to-market is much lower.

One such solution is Exadel Secure Documents. The problem solved is how to make documents that may be contained in many different Enterprise Document Management Systems available outside the enterprise in a secure, unified way. Once set up, the documents can then be accessed through Secure Documents applications on different client devices. Read more »

Exadel at the Wolters Kluwer Tech Conference 2013


Exadel’s Donna Burke, Max Katz, and Fima Katz made the trek to exciting Minneapolis, Minnesota to attend the Wolters Kluwer Tech Conference 2013, July 22-24. We will be there to talk about our mobile work with Wolters Kluwer, our installable gateway for using existing databases and SOAP services as REST services (RESTXpress), our mobile app development platform (Appery.io), and our solutions for enterprise mobile app security and for unified secure access to enterprise document management systems. Of course, we’ll also be there to learn from the sessions and other participants.

If you’re there and want to talk to us, Exadel is in booth 3 on the floor. Tuesday afternoon, Donna Burke made a presentation (“Are you ready for Mobile?”) on the challenges and opportunities of enterprise mobilization including examples from our work with Wolters Kluwer on mobilization projects. If you have questions arising from the presentation, come by our table and talk to us.

Are you ready for Mobile? from exadelcorp

Tiggzi Evolves into Appery.io


As our Tiggzi mobile app development tool has expanded, it’s scope has steadily grown to that of a full mobile app platform with more and more features. We thought such a major qualitative change needed to be signaled properly, so we’ve launched Appery.io as the next step for Tiggzi.

We’re looking forward to the opportunity to spread the word about the new Appery.io. Our first stop will be the TechCrunch Disrupt NY Conference and Hackathon starting in a few days. If you’re there, find out from Max Katz and Francisco Kattan what the new Appery.io is all about.

Read the announcement!

REST4Enterprise Is Now RESTXpress

REST4Enterprise has only been out for a month or so and is already making a big splash with its simple, yet very significant, premise: You want to make your data available as an API (REST) service. You want this done quickly and cost-effectively. REST4Enterprise fills the gap.

Except now it’s RESTXpress. We wanted a better name for the product while it was still in its beginning stages, so we have settled on RESTXpress as the name going forward. Visit the RESTXpress page for all the latest information.

Case Study on Our Partnership with Progress Software

Last week, we announced our OEM partnership with Progress Software, a global software company that simplifies and enables the development and deployment of business applications through its OpenEdge development platform. To provide more details on how this exciting partnership came to be, we developed a case study. It discusses the main reasons for Exadel’s selection as a partner:

  1. Product (Tiggzi): a hybrid approach based in the Cloud
  2. Partner-friendliness
  3. Mobile services expertise

It also includes a good description of the OpenEdge platform’s key features.

Read the case study and see how it all fit together.

Exadel Is Now an OEM Partner with Progress Software

Progress Software is a large publicly traded (NASDAQ: PRGS) global software company that simplifies and enables the development and deployment of business applications through its OpenEdge development platform. When Progress wanted to bolster its development support in mobile, it turned to a partner already established in the mobile space, Exadel. We are proud that our Tiggzi mobile app platform provided much of the basis for the mobile app builder in OpenEdge Mobile released as part of OpenEdge 11.2 on February 20, 2013. We look forward to working further with Progress Software as an OEM partner helping businesses develop the software they need to be successful.

Read more.

Read other announcements from Exadel.

REST4Enterprise Gets Better: Version 1.0 Out

The basic concept is simple: You have some data you want to share through a REST service. You don’t have the service built. You consider spending a lot of resources and time on building it yourself. You look for an alternative. You find REST4Enterprise. It has two parts. You use its administrative console to easily set up database queries as REST services in a browser; you let the run-time gateway present the database queries as services to the outside world. Happy ending/beginning!

Of course, a good concept is nothing without a lot of elbow grease to work out the implementation details. That’s exactly what our team has been doing since the REST4Eneterprise launch. Their latest efforts have come to fruition as a new version, 1.0, available now. Read more »

REST for the Weary


The API economy of REST services has a supply side and a demand side. Recently, a lot of attention has been paid to the demand side. There are now many options for setting up various mobile and web apps to consume services and data via REST (like our own Tiggzi mobile app platform). But, what about the supply side? Read more »

Announcement: Exadel Incorporates Windows 8 Capabilities Into The Tiggzi Mobile App Platform

It’s not official till there’s a press release…

NEW YORK, Dec. 12, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Exadel, a leading enterprise mobile software development company, announced today that their Tiggzi Mobile App Platform adds support for Windows 8. In addition to iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, Windows 8 will now be available as an option when creating new projects on Tiggzi, the company’s cloud-based mobile app platform for building and deploying mobile apps. Exadel also announced the Tiggzi App Builder is now entirely implemented with HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS, all browser technologies (replacing Adobe® Flash® in the previous version).

Read the rest!

Webinar: Thursday Dec. 12 for New Tiggzi Features Including Windows 8 Support

The latest version of the Tiggzi mobile app platform allows you to build Windows 8 apps for tablets and desktops with native Windows 8 support (including Snap View, Search Charm, Share Charm, and Live Tiles). Along with the new HTML5-based app builder and push notifications, that’s quite a leap forward! To help our users digest all of these advances, we’re having a webinar on Thursday (the first one in our new office). Come join us and be prepared to be amazed at the new Tiggzi:

Tiggzi: Now with Windows 8 Support!
December 13, Thursday
11am US Pacific Time
Register: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/611432329

Temporary Phone Numbers for Exadel California Office

Update (1//3/2013): The phone problem is fixed now.

October 2012 Website Changes

In the upcoming months, we are planning on a complete overhaul of our website to clarify our message and enhance the experience for site visitors. In the meantime, we’ve made a few helpful changes:

  1. The home and about pages have been updated with new content to help site visitors better understand how Exadel can contribute to their success.
  2. The management team page has been updated with information about our new Vice President of Marketing, Francisco Kattan. You’ll hear more from Exadel in the coming weeks about this exciting addition to our management team.

Our Approach to Security in the Enterprise


Security is an absolute necessity in enterprise business solutions, but it also involves a delicate balancing act. Enterprise data and processes must be protected, but often this has to happen within an open Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) environment while still maintaining flexibility for users through features like Single Sign-On (SSO). And, of course, all of this has to happen in the most cost-effective manner possible. Read more »

White Label Tiggzi: Tiggzi Under the Hood

We’ve received many requests for white labeling our Tiggzi mobile app development and support platform. Many organizations are interested in using Tiggzi as an underlying engine, under their brand, for building their own developer community. We’re able to work out any customization for how this can work in terms of process or pricing, so just e-mail us directly to find out more.

Come to the AT&T DevLab Workshop

We’ve been to a lot of AT&T hackathons and have been very impressed with these events. Now, AT&T is putting on a new event here in the San Francisco Bay Area called DevLab, a one-day hands-on programming workshop to immerse participants in the latest services and tools for mobile app development. It will be held on September 25th at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. (You can use the code MUSEUM to waive the registration charge.) Read more »

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