Exadel at MobileCON 2013

Exadel’s Fima Katz, Francisco Kattan, and Max Katz par­tic­i­pated in MobileCON this year. Appery​.io was a fi­nalist for the Application Development & Platforms MobITS award, Francisco Kattan pre­sented on “Is Your IT Department a Bottleneck for Mobile Innovation?”, Max Katz de­moed Appery​.io, and we made two an­nounce­ments. Read more »

Software Development Tools Belong in the Browser

Software-​​Development Tools Belong in the Browser (via slashdot)

It is clear that the cloud is dis­rupting the way most soft­ware is de­ployed and con­sumed. Benefits such as elas­ticity, agility, and op­er­a­tional cost sav­ings make it very com­pelling for com­pa­nies to go with the cloud model, and the sim­plicity of the browser…

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Exadel Announces Appery​.io/​H​e​r​oku Parternship


We’re at the MobileCon con­fer­ence this week. Tomorrow, Exadel VP Francisco Kattan is pre­senting there. Today, we made two key an­nounce­ments at the show. Read more »

2013 Has Been a Great Year So Far


Sometimes it’s good to stop for a second and take stock. At Exadel we did this re­cently and an­nounced the re­sults in this press re­lease. The high­lights are that the rev­enue for the first half of 2013 is 22% over the rev­enue for the first half of 2012 and that we’ve rolled out 4 prod­ucts in the mo­bile and se­cu­rity areas:

We can’t wait to see how the second half of 2013 stacks up!


Webinar on Using the Appery​.io Mobile Pack and Salesforce Coming Soon

Appery.io Now Powered by Salesforce

In this up­coming we­binar, Dave Carroll (Director of Developer Evangelism, Salesforce​.com) and Max Katz (Head of Appery​.io Developer Relations, Exadel) will ex­plain how the Appery​.io Mobile Pack en­ables you to rapidly create mo­bile apps in­te­grated with the Salesforce Platform and will show you how you can build your own apps to take ad­van­tage of the mo­bile pack.

Rapid Mobile App Development
Using the Appery​.io Mobile Pack and Salesforce​.com

Tuesday, September 10, 11:00AM Pacific Time
Register now!

Exadel in the News: LOB Mobile Development

We were de­lighted to be men­tioned promi­nently in this ar­ticle about shifts in the con­trol of en­ter­prise mo­bile development:

Mobile Management Spurs Power Shift in the Enterprise — CIO​.com

As dis­cussed in the ar­ticle, Salesforce is using Exadel’s Appery​.io as part of a drive for pro­moting mo­bile de­vel­op­ment out­side of IT in the line-​​of-​​business (LOB) units them­selves. We’re quite proud to be part of this strategy; how­ever, we look at this — not so much as an “over­throw” of a par­tic­ular de­part­ment — but simply as en­abling more op­tions in­side en­ter­prises for mo­bile de­vel­op­ment. In choosing among these op­tions, dif­ferent en­ter­prises will re­quire dif­ferent mixes of IT vs. LOB own­er­ship and of out­sourced vs. in-​​house work based on com­pany re­sources, or­ga­ni­za­tional cul­ture, busi­ness ob­jec­tives, etc.

Because of our breadth of ex­pe­ri­ence in mo­bile de­vel­op­ment, in par­tic­ular, and en­ter­prise de­vel­op­ment, in gen­eral, we can pro­vide a full spec­trum of ser­vices starting at the highest level with mo­bile strategy de­vel­op­ment. Depending on the mo­bile strategy for your com­pany, we can do any­thing from Appery​.io training for LOB units to large projects under the di­rec­tion of IT. (Or, you can just use Appery​.io for mo­bile de­vel­op­ment within an LOB unit.)

Find out more about our Appery.io-related ser­vices and our more gen­eral mo­bile ser­vices.

Exadel Just Got a Mobile Merit Award for Appery​.io


We won! Mobile Merit Awards rec­og­nizes ex­cel­lence achieved in the global mo­bile in­dustry each year. This year Exadel was rec­og­nized as the winner in the Mobile Services/​Enterprise Product or Service cat­e­gory for our Appery​.io mo­bile app platform.

For a while, we’ve noted the growing gap as the de­mand for mo­bile in­no­va­tion in the en­ter­prise out­strips the ca­pa­bil­i­ties and ca­pacity of IT or­ga­ni­za­tions. Our Appery​.io mo­bile app plat­form is just one ex­ample of how we are closing this gap. We also offer ser­vices to help or­ga­ni­za­tions use Appery​.io and, of course, a full gamut of en­ter­prise soft­ware de­vel­op­ment ser­vices in ad­di­tion to Appery.io-specific services.

Congratulation to our hard-​​working global product de­vel­op­ment team!

3 Enterprise Mobility Concerns: Timing, Integration, Security

As a re­sult of con­ver­sa­tions with our cus­tomers, we can tell that the biggest is­sues in en­ter­prise mo­bility are:

  • Time-​​to-​​market
  • Back-​​end integration
  • Security of mo­bile apps Read more »

Exadel Enterprise MobileSafe

As pointed out be­fore in our ar­ticle on Exadel Secure Documents, Exadel of­fers a va­riety of “so­lu­tions” that aren’t quite shrink-​​wrapped prod­ucts, but pro­vide a lot of the ben­e­fits of a product. Exadel Enterprise MobileSafe is a soft­ware so­lu­tion from Exadel that solves the gen­eral problem of en­ter­prises al­lowing mo­bile ac­cess to their data while main­taining max­imum se­cu­rity. The so­lu­tion takes ad­van­tage of the flex­i­bility and cross-​​platform na­ture of HTML5 or hy­brid web apps (Cordova/​PhoneGap) to pro­vide se­cure ac­cess on a va­riety of dif­ferent mo­bile plat­forms at a lower cost. With MobileSafe, Exadel sets it up so the ac­cessing apps are down­loaded from your se­cure server into an en­crypted (AES-​​256) cache on the client de­vices for full se­cu­rity. Read more »

Exadel Secure Documents


Exadel works on a lot of dif­ferent projects, so we are often able to reuse coding and ap­proach to solve sim­ilar prob­lems. We often call these quasi-​​products “so­lu­tions”: not quite off-​​the-​​shelf, but much fur­ther along than starting from scratch. Taking ad­van­tage of such a so­lu­tion still re­quires a project en­gage­ment with us, but the cost and time-​​to-​​market is much lower.

One such so­lu­tion is Exadel Secure Documents. The problem solved is how to make doc­u­ments that may be con­tained in many dif­ferent Enterprise Document Management Systems avail­able out­side the en­ter­prise in a se­cure, uni­fied way. Once set up, the doc­u­ments can then be ac­cessed through Secure Documents ap­pli­ca­tions on dif­ferent client de­vices. Read more »

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