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ISO Certifies Exadel for Information Security


Exadel recently passed an audit to be certified for its information security management system (ISMS). We should receive the formal ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate by the end of April.

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Exadel Provides the Engineering behind GHX’s CoreX Platform


Health Care Matters recently published CoreX: The Industry’s “Invisible Hand?”, an excellent discussion of the capabilities and promise of CoreX, the new platform from Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX), one of the largest healthcare supply chain companies in the world. We at Exadel provided and continue to provide the engineering behind the new platform ensuring that it can scale to meet needs now and in the future.

Read our case study about our work on this project.

John Derrick Takes the Helm as Appery Prepares for Accelerated Growth


Appery was spun off by Exadel last year to focus on marketing, supporting, and developing the mobile platform. With the addition of its new CEO this week, is poised for explosive growth as the top low-code, secure, cloud-based platform for cross-device applications.

John Derrick, the new CEO, has demonstrated time and again, throughout his career, an unsurpassed ability to lead private and public companies to success as CEO, COO, and Advisor. His extensive business experience includes private and public cloud, big data, database, and enterprise markets. We at Exadel look forward to great things to come from Appery under its new leader.

Bimodal IT for the Coming App Explosion


Our Appery subsidiary recently developed an infographic explaining how a two-pronged “bimodal” approach is best for meeting the escalating demands on enterprise IT for more and more apps. Because this is something we are very familiar with, we have often been asked about how to use bimodal IT. As an example, here’s an interview with our CEO, Fima Katz, on this topic.

We’ve also created a slideshow out of the recently published infographic to give people another way of looking at the information in the infographic:


The App Explosion and Bimodal IT from Appery

Exadel VP in Story on Women in Tech


Marie Claire magazine just published an article covering the NY CTO Women in Tech Conference in New York City (November 10th, 2015). Exadel’s Vice President of Technology Solutions, Donna Burke, attended the event where she was interviewed by the magazine and had a quote from her featured in the article.

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NY CTO Event Tackles the “Brain Drain” of Women Out of Tech

CTO1Donna Burke, Exadel’s Vice President of Technology Solutions, recently attended the NY CTO Women in Tech Conference in New York City (November 10th, 2015).

Approximately 200 people attended the event, which targeted beginning/mid-career women in technology and engineering roles. The evening included a panel discussion with speakers from Hearst, Etsy, and Birchbox.

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[BE] Enterprise Mobility Forum … with a Side of Brisket

2015-10-19 20.03.51 (Mobile)

Niki Scherer and Max Katz from Exadel’s subsidiary, Appery, were down in Austin, TX last week to participate in the [BE] Enterprise Mobility Forum / Fall 2015. Along with explaining how can help businesses with their mobilization efforts and discussing ideas about the general state of enterprise mobilization, they also got a chance to dig into some of the local barbecue. Niki is off to another city now spreading the word about, but she had enough time to share a few words about the forum:

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JBoss and Exadel: 8 Years of Working Together


Exadel had developed two well-regarded products in 2006. Exadel Studio was an Eclipse plug-in that converted Eclipse from just an integrated development environment (IDE) to a powerful web app IDE. RichFaces was a JavaServer Faces (JSF) component library developed by Exadel as part of its leadership role in JSF development at the time.

In March 2007, Exadel began a part­ner­ship with Red Hat putting Exadel Studio and RichFaces into open source under JBoss. A key part of this part­ner­ship that con­tinues to this day (eight years later) is Red Hat con­tracting with Exadel for Exadel to pro­vide a de­vel­opment team to work on what is now known as JBoss Developer Studio.

Denis Golovin, in our California office, has been the team lead on the Exadel side of the partnership for this whole time, so we thought we’d ask him a few questions about it.

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What Happened to RESTXpress (Our All-purpose REST API Gateway)?

RESTXpress Logo

RESTXpress has been reinvented as a part of the mobile app platform called API Express. RESTXpress provided an easy-to-install REST API gateway that allowed quick “RESTification” of corporate assets — such assets as SQL databases, SOAP services, existing REST services, Salesforce data, and internal workflows.

Now, these features (and more to come) have been rolled into We decided to do this because it made more sense to treat RESTXpress as a mobile app enabler that would be a natural part of as part of a mobile app “suite.” It also enables us to pool resources (developers, support engineers, etc.) to make more efficient use of them. Finally, because of the common platform effort, it enables the development of symbiotic hooks between API Express and the rest of the platform to provide greater value for our users.

As we close the book on RESTXpress, we thought it might be time for some reflection. Alex Antsypov has been with the project from the beginning as the development lead. Recently, I asked him some questions about the past, present, and future of RESTXpress/API Express.

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5 Insights on DevOps Unity from the Trenches


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Igor Landes Featured in InfoWorld Article on Certifications

Sample certificate

Our VP of Engineering, Igor Landes, was interviewed for an article that just came out in InfoWorld called The real dirt on programming certifications. Only one of his answers made it into the article, so we’ve decided to post the full interview with Igor here.

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Update on Our Lithuanian Presence

View of Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius, Lithuania: old world charm, new world dynamism

Lithuania is where our CEO and Founder, Fima Katz, grew up. In the summer of 2014, he had a homecoming of sorts when he opened an office in the capital city, Vilnius.

For Exadel, Lithuania has the advantage of being in Eastern Europe close to our other development centers while also being integrated with Western Europe by its membership in the European Union and NATO. It’s also a very nice place to live and work.

In December 2014, we announced further expansion plans that include opening additional offices in Kaunas and Klaipeda. So far this year, we have more than 30 employees in Vilnius and five in Klaipeda. Soon, we’ll be opening our Kaunas office! We look forward to further growth in all three development centers.

Read our announcement as reported in Invest Lithuania.

Contact the Vilnius office directly.

Looking Back as Appery Acquires Verivo Assets


Last month, our wholly owned subsidiary, Appery, LLC, acquired the major assets of Verivo Software, a leading provider of enterprise mobility software. This will allow us to combine the best enterprise back-end server (from Verivo) with the leading cloud-based, low-code development platform ( to create a superior agile end-to-end platform for IT and the lines of business within enterprises. Let’s review some of the key steps that have led up to this moment in Exadel’s ever-rising trajectory as a software leader. Read more »

Exadel Joins the Wall Street Technology Association

Wall Street Technology Association Logo

Exadel is excited to become an affiliate of the Wall Street Technology Association, a group of financial industry technology professionals gathering together for educational events and informal knowledge sharing. As an affiliate, we join other technology providers in supporting programs for financial firm members.

Exadel has developed deep experience in many verticals over the last 17 years, but financial services has always been been one of those verticals. We look forward to working with our colleagues in WSTA to bring the organization to new heights,

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Exadel at the [BE] Midmarket CIO Forum in Florida

BE Midmarket CIO Forum logo

Exadel’s Lev Shur and Appery’s Niki Scherer and Max Katz represented us at the Spring 2015 (April 19-21) [BE] Midmarket CIO Forum to talk about how Exadel and can help businesses with their enterprise mobility ambitions. Here’s a a brief report from Niki Scherer about her experiences there: participated in the BE Mid-Market CIO Forum in Orlando, Fl. this week. The forum draws over a hundred forward thinking CIOs and executives from across the country to network and discuss best practices for the challenges that enterprises are experiencing. Top areas of discussion included security, mobile, and how to build flexible systems for changing environments. was welcomed as a new contender for meeting the app development needs of the enterprise. I believe this is because we have exactly what is needed by organizations everywhere, which is a powerful enterprise-grade solution that is cost-effective, sustainable, and secure.

Here’s a Twitter photo gallery of some moments at the show.

Mobile Field Service Apps Webinar Recordings Up!

“Mobile Field Service Apps: CRM, Workflow, Coverage Policies, and More in Your Pocket” is quite a mouthful for our webinar series, but it does cover a lot. All are recordings from the series are now available online:

  1. Mobile Field Service Apps: More than CRM on an iPhone
  2. Building Custom Field Service Mobile Apps that Drive Revenue
  3. Enabling the Mobile Financial Advisor

Learn about Enterprise Mobility from Exadel & Verivo

The enterprise is going mobile more and more. The difference is in how quick and trouble-free the transition can be fore your particular business.

Verivo and Exadel have been partnering together to make seamless enterprise mobility happen for a variety of enterprise customers. Now we feel it’s time to share our experiences. We wanted to present a webinar together to help others see the benefits of enterprise mobility along with some lessons learned along the way, but we also wanted to make the information more digestible. So, we decided to break up the material into three brief 30-minute webinars.  The series starts off April 1, then continues on April 7 and April 14, all at 11am Pacific time. Here’s our line-up so far:

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RESTXpress Comes Out with a New Version 3.1

RESTXpress Logo

RESTXpress is our REST API gateway that’s been making a lot of enterprise IT departments happy through it’s capability to quickly REST-ify corporate assets — such assets as SQL databases, SOAP services, existing REST services, Salesforce data, and internal workflows. In our latest version of RESTXpress, 3.1 (just released), we’ve added more features to the capability to represent internal workflows as REST services. Now, you can include “If” and “Fork” nodes in the flows to represent even richer business logic.

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Exadel Featured in eWEEK for Mobile App Platform


Both Exadel and (our product) popped up in a recent article in eWEEK about codeless tools and platforms for mobile apps coming from “citizen developers.” Here’s the excerpt from the article.

Mobile app development environment provider Exadel’s offers a cloud-based rapid development environment with integrated back-end services and a catalog of API plug-ins that simplify integration with cloud services and enterprise systems.

As part of its solution, also features a no-code, RAD environment.

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Exadel. Look Inside. … in Vinnytsia, Ukraine


Vinnytsia, in the western part of Ukraine

In mid-July, Exadel opened a new office in the west Ukrainian town of Vinnytsia, close to the Rumanian border. On September 13, we held an open house, “Exadel. Look Inside,”  for local developers to come and see what kind of opportunities we have for them. It was quite successful. We’re very excited to welcome a new office for Exadel and look forward to a lot of good work coming from our Vinnytsia colleagues.
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